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I wanna fuck you like an animal....

i wanna feel you from the inside....

19 August
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hmm... about me... well lets see. i like music a lot. music plays a very important role in my life. im a BIG nine inch nails fan, and David Bowie fan. ahhhh to hell with it. im gonna go shoot up some herion in the bathroom, whos commin with me??........
aaron cook's wallpaper, alexis is my sister, amir derahk, april, bam margera, bi polar, big al, billy's mowhawk, bobby hewitt, brandons my love bunny, bridget, cheese nazi, chris, cky, crying, cutting myself, daddy(scott wireman), dan fucking melissa, dance dance revolution, death, depression, erin i love you, foul mouth melissa, gay fish, gay pride, ginger fish, jack off jill, jackass, jay gordon, jay my pot buddy, john 5, katlin and his pot, keith, kurt cobain, loser, love bunny, m.w. gacy, marilyn manson, matthew shepard, meaty dan, melissa is my sister, my moms fake boobs, nine inch nails, orgy, paige haley, phil, porn, rainbows, razor blades, ryan shuck, sean, sheep on drugs, ska, slc punk, slut, the twinkie man, trent reznor, trent reznor is god!!, twiggy ramirez, whore, yoohoos