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im too nice

me and my ass monkey were fighting again. over the same thing, again. but once i started talking about how i think its just best we go our seperate ways, he was all "im sorry, im sorry" so i told him we need a break, or well i need a break from him. i told him i need alone time. i just need to be by myself sometimes. i enjoy my own company... is there anything wrong with that?? i just want my time. i just like to sit by myself listening to music smokin a bowl... by myself. that way i dont have anyone bitching at me that they dont like a song or bitching at me to pass the bowl. i just sit there and do my own thing... what is so hard to understand about that?? well i need to call my dad today to tell him he needs to replace my battery in my car because me and scott are going on a break and im gonna need to drive my car to work. my stomach is fucking KILLING ME RIGHT NOW!!! im gonna go get some pepto-bismal... -sigh- my life sucks.... thats all for now fuckkers
<3 steph
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