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i am finally breaking up with my bf, finally freedom. i wont have his pathetic head up my ask asking me "how do you feel, you never make plans with me, why dont you share your feelings with me, thats what people who love eachother do" wtf is that shit. im 18 i dont want some assmonkey.... i just want to be alone and not tied down to anyone or anything. i just want to be free, i have a good paying job and i can do a lot of shit, and if i stay with him, im not gonna be able to save up my money cuz i have to pay for shit, and i never get to go and open an account, getting paid in cash doesnt help either. lol. but if i was just by myself i would be able to save up my money and then it will be just me and Ki Ki my chihuahua. thats it. and thats how i want it to be. i dont want something constantly getting mad at me because i dont feel like having sex, and then sit there like and throw a fit like a 5 year old when he doesnt get it. im so happy im done with this shit. so happy. well i will go now and be happy lol. thats all for now fuckkers...
<3 steph
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