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Global Galthering 2006!! MOTHERFUCKKERS!!!

omg i had the most awsome weekend. i went to consert in miami this weekend with fucking rob zombie and nin. it kicked fucking ass too... trent did a good performance, but he had just recently shaved his head, so he looked like shit.. that boy needs to grow his hair back out!! i had such an awsome time. we had a hotel and everything... during the day it kinda was sucky if you didnt have a blanket to sit on or a group of people to be with. thank god i did. i met up with bridgette and katlin. than jackie gave me her 21 and older wristband and i was able to buy alcohol... woot woot. rob zombie kicked ass, john 5 was playing guitar for him.... and twiggy a.k.a "jordie white" was playing for nin. it was kinda like a big reunion. lol. but john 5 got FAT! he looked really ugly now. he used to be attractive... but now.... ewww.... the only good bands were zombie and nin. i thought i wasnt gonna cry when he performed "hurt". but i did. i couldnt help it. but i will tell you what, i had a KICK ASS time. but then when i was standing around with nothing else to do, because all the day bands sucked, i took the time to notice that it was an alcohol sponsered event. and then i noticed a certin mr. TR is a recovering alocoholic.. but i dont care. they performed all my fav songs, the opened up with mr. b/f thinks they were the worst performers, thats how i know we are not ment to be. any man i will marry will love nin the same as i. i remember standing there not believeing i was seeing tr... it was so fucking kickass. i was all decked out in fluffy pot leaf lays. i got dehydrated during avenge sevenfold. and i blacked out. lol. hahaha, that is actually pretty funny to me. my b/f had to pick me up and take me out of the crowd and take me back to the blanket, then i layed there till rob zombie came out. i was so tired once it finally was over. even tho nin were the last ones to perform. i didnt leave till they were done, then i screamed for a half hour after they walked off... lol... i was going nuts, and now my voice sounds like a crackwhore. lol. its all scratchy. and my throat kinda hurts. and im still kinda deaf. i was pretty cloase when nin came out. and scott was putting me up on his shoulders. so i know trent reznor saw me. i saw him. and i saw twiggy a.k.a "jordie white" look at me. they know i exist. and that kicks ass, because im sure they saw me singing every word to every song, because i was... lol... well it wasnt singing, more like screaming like i was being raped... lol... i was going nuts. when they played burn i went fucking crazy. my b/f was kinda surprised he was looking at me like i was nuts. hes never seen me at a concert. im a compleatly different person, because i go fucking nuts. and i was jumping everywhere. march of the pigs was awsome, thats my ringer on my phone. and then they played suck, sin, burn, hurt, mr.selfdestruct, gave up, head like a hole, only, starfuckers inc., the hand that feeds, dont you fucking know what you are, and a bunch of others, they were so awsome, i was so excited. -sigh- i feel a sensation of compleation. like if i was to die, it would be ok now because i saw nin and my life is compleat. its a cool feeling. i like it. i feel wholeness... kickass. well i must go... remember the concert in my mind, while i sit here and do jackshit. its cool. hehe, well thats all for now fuckkers. bi bi....
<3 steph
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i remember singing nin with you while home boys kept telling us to shut up.


ahhh, the good ol' days. miss those... we should have more....
<3 steph
indeed we should.