Steph (iluvtrentreznor) wrote,

happy new year bitch!

wow, it feels good to be on here again. its a new year and my only new years resolution is to be more true to myself. i think its a good one, and i think i can dominate it. i've been doing good. i wook at sears, sadly. in the shoe department to make things worse. i broke up with the bf i had. i haven't posted here in a long ass time. i need to update my shit. i still have the same profile that i had when i was 15 years old. and now when i read it, i realize how some shit was just not that funny now... anyways.. the other day i was hit by a illegal chex mex motherfucker... he backed right into me at a red light. who reverses at a red light? i found out a kid that i had hit in the head with a book in high school works at the starbucks i go to all the time at work. and that is not good news for him. cuz i go there all the time. for example, he was there when i went there just two days ago. and i told him very loudly to please not spit in my coffe or i would jump over the counter at him. right now i am hanging out with my homies, am about to smoke aother bowl so i must go. thats all for now fuckkers. peace!

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