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does anyone still read this thing??

if you do, i pitty you. well lets see, my birthday is comming up this saturday. in two days. thats kick ass. im going and getting a tattoo, and my mom is paying for it. sweet. im eating friut loops with marshmellows in them... its pretty good.... i got to go to work in a couple hours. oh yeah, i work at sears now... dont worry im not bragging about it either. but hey, its a job, and it pays me money. so thats always cool. im living out on the beach now with my mommy!!... i was living with my bf but our stupid nigger of a room mate tried to stab me, but its ok. little to his knowing, my bf had just baught me a semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle.... with a bannana clip that shoots off about 50 rounds.... i came out the door after he tried to kill me, and shot out his left kneecap.... and believe it or not, they never called the cops on me. i think it was because they knew he deserved it. his brothers were standing right there when i shot him, and they were standing right next to me as he was comming at me with a knife, and had no intentions to stop him from comming at me. so i thretined to shoot them too. i guess there is only one thing to say about that.... im a crazy bitch, and i WILL shoot you! thats all for now fuckkers...
<3 steph

p.s. matt im thinking of changing me little icon... contact me with more info.... love ya
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