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woot woot, this weekend i had fun. i hung out with bridgette, katlin and robbie for the first time in like almost 2 years. it was good hanging out again. i felt so comfy. like i belonged. my boyfriend however, was being an asshole. i guess because he didnt know anyone and no one was really talking to him. so i guess he was bored. sorry? i havent seen these people in a long ass time and im supposed to feel bad because he was bored and is now making a big deal out of it. i think the reason he was so mad was because me, katlin and bridgette had a threesome.... but if hes mad about that he can just get over it. that shit happened YEARS before i met him. so i think he can just go fuck himself. or lick my asshole. either will work. ive got to go get my car registered tomorrow... with my mother a.k.a incubator... should be an exciting day. ahhh lets see... anything new... i really have nothing else to talk about... just bitch about my b/f.. i think im going to break up with him anyways... its like hes a little girl sometimes. everytime we get in a fight its because he all of a suddon gets pissy because i dont want to cuddle. ive never been the cuddle type. or its because i dont share my feelings with him... lets see.... hmm, maybe the reason im like that is because ive been a depressed goth since i was 13 and im now 18 and ive never shared my feelings with anyone.. besides melissa, and that was just cuz she was my best friend way before the goth transformation.... i dont know... but im loosing my mind. hes always trying to make me feel bad for shit... shit that i dont even see me doing... i mean he acts like we are married. last night i denyed him sex... so he got all mad and started yelling and being an ass, and then sits there and says how much hes going to cheat on me, like its supposed to make me feel bad. see im a hard ass, and im irish. so i never see that im wrong. and i wont feel bad or guilty when i think im right. or when i think someone is just trying to be an asshole i.e - b/f. every time he tells me hes going to cheat on me i just say "yeah go ahead and do that, see where that will get you" because i dont feel bad. if im not in the mood for sex. im not in the mood for sex, thats just how it goes. god i could sit here for hours and just type away about how much he pisses me off. its like EVERY minute of the day we are together. we even work together now. so that just makes shit worse sometimes. but im not gonna let it fuck up my job. and even if we break up doesnt mean im going to quit my job. they even asked me that when i had my interview. i told them that i take work very seriously and i dont fuck around with it. life outside of work is outside of work. i dont let personal life get in the way of that. well i think im gonna go now. because i need a cigarette before i die. well thats all for now fuckkers... bi bi
<3 steph
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